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Why should you use Balbo’s Beard Soaps?
(Apart from being awarded a 'Golden Beard' Award)

It’s handmade using the traditional cold process method like our handsoaps which involves mixing oils (Coconut, Olive Oil and Sustainable Palm Oil in our case) with an alkali (Sodium Hydroxide or Lye)
We add some extra nutrients to our beard soaps to make them extra special for facial hair and the skin beneath, one of these extras is Bentonite Clay. A clay which is composed of ash made from volcanos! This clay has been used in many historical remedies for healing, cleaning and detoxifying and continues to be used today. The soaps are then taken out of their moulds and cured for 4 weeks to harden.

So using Balbo Beard Soap’s will help to replace the natural oils which may have been stripped away from blow drying and the elements in general, it will soothe and moisturise the skin beneath your beard due to the natural glycerine present within the soap. It lathers up a treat even in hard water areas. The soaps don’t contain any nasty chemicals and preservatives, it is paraben and SLS free.

We have 2 different beard soaps available. The first is Sandalwood and Cedarwood (essential oils), which has a lovely earthy scent and coloured with a dash of turmeric powder, and our most popular. The second is our Fragrance Free beard soap, no essential oils or colours added. This soap is perfect for sensitive skin as it is allergen free. The fragrance free soap is great for people who use different fragranced beard oils and balms, so you don’t end up with mixed scents!

Treat your beard to a gentle cleansing from our specially formulated handmade Beard Soap

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