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  1. I thought you might like to know a little about what goes on behind the scenes at Balbo HQ and that a blog would be a good way for you to see.

    So here goes! Who are ‘we’?

    Well, ‘we’ is the royal ‘we’. Balbo Beard Co is solely run by me, Rhian Gurney in my family home in Shropshire, UK. I do everything from beard oil and soap making from my own recipes, and bottling, label designing, printing, cutting and sticking. I also deal with the whole heap of paperwork that comes with producing and selling cosmetics, such as sending all recipes off to a qualified cosmetic chemist for safety assessments and loading all information to the EU cosmetics portal of doom!

    All orders are processed by me which does ensure that each and every order is posted out in 1st class condition.

    A little bit about me… I live on the top of a windy Shropshire hill with my husband and 2 children. I have been selling my handmade cold-process soaps (Magpie Hill Soap) for 3 years online and at my local Farmers Market. I enjoy working from home around the needs of my children and watching my small business grow.

    So how on earth did I get into beard products?? Well, I had the thought after watching the amazing bearded gymnasts of Cirque Alfonse in their show ‘Barbu’ in London! I knew my way around natural oils, butters and essential oils so gave it a shot!

    After developing what I thought was a nice blend of oils, specifically choosen for their conditioning properties, and testing on numberous bearded gents for feedback (having no beard in this line of work is a little frustrating!), I then set about the matter of scents. I wanted to use essential oils (natural oils produced by distillation from plants) rather than fragrance oils (manufactured scents), as essential oils have beneficial properties in themselves and I could blend the numberous oils to my own liking. After sticking all my test mixes of scents under the noses of friends, family and the odd stranger I chose 7 essential oils blends which are used in the beard oils.

    When I recieved my cosmetic safety reports back from the chemist and completed all the necessary paperwork, I sent my beard oils off to an independent Beard Product Reviewer for public feedback. The results were great, some 10/10 and Gold Cup Awards! Chuffed to bits to say the least!

    I set up this website and orders starting coming in, but I wasn’t expecting the response I got! A Facebook Page was made and I soon found the fab Facebook group Beard Club/ #iBeardClub. After a while I was invited to become an APPROVED PARTNER for Beard Club! Wow! With over 7,000 members (and growing), and a select few approved partners I was feeling overwhelmed and very honoured! It didn’t stop there, as one of the Beard Club management, Brenden (AKA #theBaron), became Balbo Ambassador… I have an ambassador!! Since then I have had invitations to the US version of Dragon’s Den, offers of investments and people asking if have job vacancies!

    So I think that will do for my first few months of trading! Exciting times ahead and plans in place for new things.

    I would also like to take this chance to thank all my lovely customers since launching in January, the dapper management team of Beard Club, Brenden, Luke, Will (Balbos awesome Ambassadors) and Mr Zec Richardson for reviewing my products and giving me the confidence to push the Balbo brand!