welcome to Balbo Beard Co.

Important Delivery Update:

We have decided to keep minimal social contact to protect our family and others by making a TWICE A WEEK post office trip. Apologies for the inconvenience, but we think this is the right thing to do until we hear more. Many thanks for your continued support, Rhian.

Beard Soaps - They're back!

Our beard soaps have been re-formulated to be completely PALM FREE!

We've had feedback from our beardy guinea pigs who say the soaps lather more than they did before!

Why buy Balbo Beard Soap? Well...

  • Made by hand
  • Natural ingredients
  • Cured for at least 4 weeks
  • No artifical colours or fragrances used
  • Eco-Friendly
  • All the natural glycerine has been left in the soaps (unlike many high street soaps)
  • Made in small batches (like all our products)
  • Contain NO parabens or SLS
  • Palm Free
  • Wrapped in eco-friendly biodegrable cellophane and paper, so just pop ALL the packaging in your compost
  • Compliant to strict EU Cosmetic Regulations
  • Lathers like crazy, so you only don't need a lot
  • I could go on!

Free From Skincare Award - Silver!

Out of 100's of entries from Men's grooming companies all over Europe, our Sandalwood Beard Soap has only gone and won SILVER in the Free From Skincare Awards 2019 in the men's grooming catagory!!!

“A normal daily chore became a pleasant experience as the soap was smooth, gentle, soothing, lathered well and had a lingering fragrance … Skin afterwards felt fresh and invigorated as well as incredibly smooth. Continued to perform well”

Absolutley amazed!!!

Balbo Beard Co. is a small company located in rural Shropshire, UK. 100% handmade, small batch beard products and tattoo care.

Our beard oil moisturises facial hair and the skin beneath it. Balbo beard balm also hydrates, conditions and gives a nice hold. Our oils and balms hydrate the skin and can help to tame and soften beard hair which, over time can often become rough, course and look untamed. Your beard shouldn't look dusty, shaggy or untamed, it should look shiny and groomed!

hand sanitisers

We are now able to offer Hawkridge Distillers Sanitising Handrub in a range of sizes (30ml, 100ml, 150ml and 1 litre). Shop for sanitiser HERE

The coronavirus situation has resulted in a countrywide hand sanitiser shortage. A product that is incredibly important during these times.  Hawkridge Distillery are taking their pure UK produced natural grain alcohol supply & refining the production line to produce a simple but effective hand sanitiser.

Hawkridge hand sanitiser is very effective as it is formulated to 80% alcohol content.  It is made using the same natural grain spirit that is refined to produce their incredible gins. Most importantly it conforms to a WHO (World Health Organisation) recipe.